Individual and Small Business Coaching

We work with Individuals and Small Business in Financial Planning and Coaching to create healthy financial habits. Evaluate your current financial situation, identify strengths and weaknesses and help you meet your financial goals.

We work with you to understand the importance of tracking income and expenses; set real, attainable goals; and create spending plans that hold you accountable. These can range from day-to-day money management to planning for longer-term goals.

Are you looking to save for a new house? Planning for your children’s education? Do you have enough for retirement?

What is your goal for your Small Business? How do you want to grow?

Do you have enough in Savings for emergencies?

We will be your accountability partner to help ensure you stay on track to meet your goals and continue to make progress in improving your money management habits.

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One-on-One Coaching

From the very beginning, we carefully walk you through a step-by-step process that educates you, instills confidence in your decision-making and results in a sound and solid financial plan.

During the coaching process, these are the steps we take to complete your total financial strategy:

  • Gather and analyze your financial situation to develop a clear picture of your specific needs, assets and liabilities.
  • Design a financial strategy that takes into account your current full range of needs and those you may have in the future.
  • Periodically review your strategy and consult with you to make appropriate adjustments.
  • Help you keep your plan on track.

Coming Soon!
Group Sessions

We are busy developing our program of group sessions. They will be opportunities for small groups of people to learn, share and get comfortable with financial planning.

There are so many topics for us to discuss, but we will probably start with some of the standards: buying a home, college finances, saving for retirement and financial independence.

There are some real advantages to group sessions. Fellow participants can be incredibly supportive of one another and generally have invaluable experience that sheds light on others’ experiences. Group sessions are also less expensive than the one-on-one sessions.

Check in regularly. We will continue to provide new details as we get closer to the launch of our group sessions.

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